How to find a product

There are several ways to find a product:

1. Browsing web menus

All products in our catalog are grouped into families, so that they are easier to find. These categories are place on the left of the page on a yellow background. Clicking on each of these can access the submenu “sections”, there you will see a picture and a small description representative of the section, which containing several products with similar characteristics. When you a click on the section you can see the products and below them a comparative table. To view the details of each product, click on the photo or line box for that item so you can see the product’s details..

In the product's details, you can find a more detailed description of this product, zoom, and even access additional data if you log in as a customer by entering your username and password at the top right of the web.

The specifications can be downloaded in PDF format.

2. Web search

At the top of the page, in the center, is the section on product search. Introducing in the box the name of the item you are looking for or description words of it you can locate the product you want.

Please consider that the more generic the word is, (eg cart) the wider the result is, so we encourage you to narrow your search (eg shopping store) to find it as quick as possible.

It is also possible to find the product by reference, in this case, enter directly the reference number (eg 2040).

Once you have entered the search text, simply click on the magnifying glass, and you will get the results immediately.

If you don't find what you are looking for please contact us. We are here to help you.


Browse the web

Although the website has been created following logical guidelines to organize the different sections has a sitemap where you can see immediately and at a glance an outline of the website, which includes all classes and sections of the cataglog, well as other pages that can be accessed. Please remember that if you log in as a customer, you can access more informations than anonymous visitors.


Web customers

1. Register as a customer

Register as a customer At the top right of the page, clicking on "New client" you can fill a form with your data. Once it is submitted, one of our representatives will contact you and provide all the information you need about our products, pricing, discounts...

After your first order, you will be assigned a username and password that we will notify you by mail. From that moment, you will be able to access our restricted area, Order directly from the web, check prices, order history, access exclusive data for our customers,...

2. Log in as a customer

The log in process is as simple as entering your username and password in the form at the upper right corner of most web pages. Note that the identification process allows you to access sections, services, options and informations, that are not available to anonymous visitors.

we recommend you to log out, when you finish using the web. To do this click on the red x where the name of your company and will leave the restricted area.

As a security measure and in case you do not perform any operation for a long time, the website will close your session. When accessing some restricted access page, the system will ask for the login details.

3. Remember login details

In case of you have forgotten your username or password, visit remember password. After entering your email address, the page will automatically send you your login details.

4. Modify your data

To modify the data of your company, click on My Account, situated in the upper right corner on grey. Clicking you access a window where you can check your data, and modify directly on the form. When you have finished modifying your data be sure to press Send.
If you do not want to change the current password, do not complete the field of 'New Password' and 'Confirm Password'.



To order using this website, it is mandatory to be registered as a customer and to enter your username and password.

1. Add a product to the shopping cart

Once you have accessed to the restricted area, it is very simple, just enter the number of units you want to purchase in the product details and click on the shopping cart.


You will access a page where you can see the order. In case you would like to change the number of units to be purchased, modify the number directly and press "update".

If you want to cancel this order line, click on the trash at the end of the line and this product will disappear. To delete the entire order, press empty cart.

If you want to keep on adding items to your shopping cart, click on continue shopping, and if you don´t want to order other product more, click on confirm order.

2. Place an order

After clicking on confirm order, you will be redirected to a page where you can see your billing details, as well as the shipping address. By default, the delivery address will be the one of your company or the last address used. If your would like to change it, click on change address, and you will be able to fill in the form. The address is saved for future shipments.

If you have an order number and want to appear on the invoice, indicate it in your Order No..
Once entered the shipping address indicated and accepted the conditions, click on Ordering.

IMPORTANT: The price that appears as subtotal, does not include taxes and delivery fees.
If you do not want to charge you the shipping costs and you prefer to use your own transportation agency, please specify it in the comments.

In case you have ordered a product whose price is not indicated on the Web, we will contact you to tell you the price.

3. Order Status

To check if your order has been shipped, can do it from the My Orders placed in the upper right corner on grey. You will access a page that will appear the last 25 orders, and where at a glance you will know if it was sent, and what day. For more information please contact us con nosotros.

4. How to cancel an order

If you would like to cancel an order that has not been shipped, should contact us as soon as possible by fax, mail ( or phone (+34 976452160).

If your order has already been shipped and delivered, you must contact our customer service ( by fax o telephone.