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Reference: 5037
Mesh basket 1200 x 1000
Container made ​​of sheet steel 2 mm thick, useful for heavy loads up to 2,000 kg and reinforced by ribbed folds at its base, in form "V". Sides reinforced mesh, with a light to 50x50, being of great utiliad for storage and transportation of goods in which it is to be visible contents. Containers for storage and transport of goods. Their sturdy and solid container corners and lugs provide the possibility of stacking up to 5 heights between very stable and secure containers. It has lugs to hook crane. RAL 5001
Also known as: Stackable metallic basket
Technical data
Reference 5037
Dimensions (mm) L x W x H 1.200x1.000x500
Weight Kg 49
Load Kg 2.000