ATEX lift tables

Lift table from 150 kg to 20,000 kg. Manual, to Bataria or 380V with control pendant or standing, slim or U, the best solution for mounting control posts palletizing, machine output tables for mezzanines, etc. CE/EX Marked.

  ATEX Stackers and Pallet trucks

Stackers, electric and manual. Pallet trucks painted, galvanized, in stainless steel, with printer,pallet truck for drum, pallet truck short, long, all measures, the most appropriate choice for handling pallets in a warehouse, rapidly and economically, from 90 kg to 5000 kg. CE/EX Marked

  ATEX trolleys and wheelbarrows

Wide variety of Trolleys and wheelbarrows to transport all types of cargo,  trolleys for welding, advertising, warehouse, distribution to supermarket, with pneumatic tires or solid. Made of steel, stainless or aluminum. CE/EX Marked

  ATEX implement for drums

Implements for forklifts, stackers and cranes as 360 drums turners, turners with chain drive container, swivel 90 º barrels, bottles implements for welding tongs and drums. CE/EX Marked

  ATEX platform truck

Platform truck for the transportation of goods in factories and warehouse. Made of steel with pneumatic tires or rim. CE/EX Marked

  ATEX electric Vehicle for charge and drag

Vehicles with driver sitting or standing, electric drive, perfect for carrying loads up to 1,500 kg. CE/EX Marked.

  Other ATEX flameproof equipment