Wheelbarrow cranes and loader hook

Very strong structure made of steel, and consisting of basic frame for insertion of the nails of the truck. The ability to extend the arm. CE Marked.

  Implement for drums

Implements for forklifts, stackers and cranes as 360 drums turners, turners with chain drive container, swivel 90 º barrels, bottles implements for welding tongs and drums.

  Implement welding bottle

Welding bottle holder for forklift  or storage. Ideal solution for safe storage and transport of welding bottles .

  Pallet carrier

Pallet carrier  with fixed or mobile nail perfect for carrying all goods on pallets, through a cantilever crane that depending on the weight balance.

  Implements to drums with crane

Implements to couple to crane, such as drum clamps, tooling for drums, etc..

  Special implements

Special fabrication implements as nails for wheelbarrows, for BIG-GAG implement, implements to flip containers etc..