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Reference: 3056-ATEX
ATEX implement 1 drum 360 ° front turning
ATEX II 2 GD c T6/85C drum turner fro forklift is very useful for tasks such as handling, transport and emptying any canister, metal, plastic, large, small, etc.. Easy and safe because it has a system dump by a crank. The drum can rotate up to 360 degrees. Very robust frame made of profiled steel and consisting of basic frame for insertion of the nails of the truck. Handle and retaining chain to ensure a good mooring to nail the truck. CE/EX Marked. Made to order, please contact us.
Also known as: ATEX tipper emptier drums.
Technical data
Reference 3056-ATEX
Dimensions (mm) length x width x height 1.000 x 1.050 x (min=540, max=1.015)
Weight Kg 83
Load 400 Kg
Drum Cualquiera