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Reference: 3050-P
ATEX drum implement to crane
ATEX  II 2 GD c T6/85C drum turner for crane and forklift is very useful to perform tasks such as handling, transport and emptying  both 200-50 liter metal drums and plastic, that does not exceed 300 kg Easy to use and safe because it has a system by turning a crank. The drum can rotate up to 360 degrees. Robust and consistent basic frame for insertion of the nails of a truck or a crane hook structure. Handles and retaining chains to ensure good mooring to nail the truck. Lashing strap the drum. CE/EX Marked. Made to order, please contact us.
Also known as: ATEX drums emptier tipper
Technical data
Reference 3050-P
Dimensions (mm) length x width x height
Weight Kg 83
Load 300 Kg
Drum 220L